Bright Frosty Morning

On a bright and frosty December morning on my way to work, I was able to enjoy some prime time taking photos in the wintry wonderland of St. John’s College Backs. I’ve taken many photos of the St. John’s Backs in the snow, but this is the first time I was able to catch a slightly wintry view in bright sunshine, rather than overcast snow-clouds.

Frosty Leaves
Frosty leaves

Ripples formed by droplets from melting frost
Ripples formed in the Cam as melting frost dripped from branches overhead

Frosty grass on the banks of the River Cam
Frosty grass on the banks of the River Cam

Close-up of frost on a stone bridge

St. John's New Court refracted in droplets
As the sun melted the frost on tree branches, water droplets formed pretty refractions of St. John’s New Court

Panorama of St. John's Backs
A 71 megapixel panorama of St. John’s Backs on this bright frosty morning

More photographs from this wintry set are available on CantabPhotos