Simply Sublime – Science Museum

After visiting the Natural History Museum, a few of us headed over to the neighbouring Science Museum to checkout the recently-updated LaunchPad exhibit. One of the displays demonstrated the phenomenon of sublimation (see the Wikipedia article on sublimation for a more detailed background). The simple set-up allowed small pellets of solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) to come into contact with water, whereby the carbon dioxied will sublime directly from solid to gaseous form, without becoming a liquid. The jets of gas spewing from the pellets caused them to skid around the surface of the water, creating mesmerising patterns.


20081108-IMG 4844 p-2

20081108-IMG 4845 p-2

20081108-IMG 4849 p-2

20081108-IMG 4853 p-3

20081108-IMG 4855 p-2

20081108-IMG 4856 p

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