Damselflies at Dawn

4:30am, stirring after 2hrs sleep. Greg calls – “Want to come photograph damselflies?” Sure. Cycling to Grantchester meadows 5 mins later at sunrise. Wading through the nettles on the riverbank, start spotting lots of black wing-tips. Snap snap snap. As it warms up 3 hours later, dozens of damselflies fly around you as you stir the nettles.

Sunrise over the River Cam in Grantchester
Sunrise over the River Cam, Grantchester

Small Snail

Mayfly at sunrise

Male damselfly
Close-up of male demoiselle damselfly

20090601-IMG 6447 p600

Damselfly covered in dew drops
Male demoiselle damselfly, covered in dew drops

Damselfly eating
Female demoiselle damselfly feeding

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