Grantchester Meadows at Dawn

For the third time in one week, I found myself heading to the meadows at sunrise to get some photos. This dawn was much damper than the previous week’s, so the damselflies weren’t quite as forthcoming, but I did find one particularly friendly model who posed very patiently for lots of photos and macro video.

Mist rising at dawn in the meadows
Dew rising from the meadows at dawn

Swan and ripples
I love the striking patterns of the ripples

Swan reflection

Dew rising from the meadows at sunrise
Dew rising from the meadows at sunrise

Snail at sunrise

Spirder's Web at sunrise
Spider’s web at sunrise

Inquisitive cow

These last three photos were taken with my Sanyo Xacti CG65 compact video recorder, which allows macro photography (and video) as close as 1cm.

Macro close up of damselfly

Macro ultra-close-up of damselfly eye
The damselfly’s eye is about 2-3mm wide.

Macro close-up of damselfly's head

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