Murray Edwards Garden Party

I’ve been commissioned by New Hall to take publicity photographs for their prospectus several times in the past, including last year’s garden party. They have since acquired a benefactor, and are in the process of renaming themselves to Murray Edwards College.

This year’s Garden Party theme was based on Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, with several guests going to great lengths to wear appropriate costumes. Here are some of the photographs the college selected for their forthcoming prospectus.

20100613-IMG 3257 p

20100613-IMG 3268 p

20100613-IMG 3277 p

20100613-IMG 3292 p

20100613-IMG 3325 p

20100613-IMG 3347 p

20100613-IMG 3379 p

20100613-IMG 3425 p

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