Indoor Photoshoot with Ellie

After two gorgeous photoshoots with Ellie, I couldn’t wait to photograph her again, and there were still some outfits we hadn’t got round to photographing, so we arranged another shoot.

I’ve just upgraded to Lightroom 3, and although it still seems buggy (i.e. MUCH slower than Lightroom 2), it does have better vignetting features, and some new processing presets, which helped make these some of the best images I’ve created in my home studio).

20100629-20-51-03-IMG 09314-Edit p-3

20100629-21-13-34-IMG 09459 p

20100629-21-50-05-IMG 09688-Edit p

20100629-21-56-48-IMG 09731 p-2

20100629-22-07-16-IMG 09864-Edit p

20100629-23-10-43-IMG 10305-Edit p-2

20100629-23-29-20-IMG 10463-Edit p-2

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