Photoshoot with Amie

I’d been planning on attending a photoshoot with 4 models up North at the weekend, but had several other events taking place on the same day, so couldn’t go. Fortunately one of the models, Amie, was available at a studio not too far away, so I arranged a 2 hour shoot with her. I normally prefer a minimum of 3-4 hours for a shoot, to work through as many ideas, lighting styles, clothing changes, and possibly locations, as possible; so given the brevity of this shoot, I worked quickly to get as much as possible from the model and studio.

Luckily, Amie is an incredibly professional, vivacious and talented model, which made my task so much easier. In fact, all I really needed to do was decide on costume changes, the mood of the shoot, and Amie did the rest! It was the first time I’d had use of a ring flash, and was blown away with the effortless fashion-quality of every shot, so got carried away with that, only using a beauty dish for a few photos towards the end. I wanted to get some edgy, modern, almost-fashion photos from this shoot, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Nor was Amie, as she’d like to collaborate together on some artistic ideas in the near future (she’s also a photographer, and asked to photograph me next time we meet… ;)

Portrait of Amieboo

IMG 1876 p600-3

IMG 2147-Edit p600-2

IMG 2215 p600-4

Peek-a-boo with Amieboo
Peekaboo with Amieboo

IMG 2661-Edit p600-2

Amie Diptych

The rest of the shoot’s photos can be viewed at

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