Contemporary Dance Photoshoot with Jude & Ellie

Only one day after taking 1,200 photos with Iveta, I’d been asked for a shoot by a contemporary dancer who was going to be in the area. She had unluckily acquired lots of cuts and bruises in a location shoot a few days before, but fortunately, these didn’t really interfere with the shoot. Instead of postponing the shoot to let her wounds heal, she was happy to share the studio time with other models, so I invited Ellie (a ballet dancer) and Megan (a new make-up artist) along, to join in with the dance, and to work on some beauty shots, respectively.

The beauty shots of Ellie & Megan are in a separate post.

Contemporary Dancer

Contemporary Dancer, Penché

Contemporary Dancer, Pike Jump

Contemporary Dancers, Hip Flick

Contemporary Dancers, in the air

More photos from this shoot can be viewed at

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