Senate House Dance Photoshoot #2

A few days after the first Cambridge Contemporary Dance photoshoot, a second shoot had been scheduled at the Senate House. We’d learned from the earlier shoot that “light”, leaping photos looked good, and the main door of the Senate House made for a striking and identifiable background.

I took several more leaping shots on the grass, with the idea of compositing them into something specific…more about that in the next post.

Leaping Dancer

Leaping Dancer

Leaping Dancer

Leaping Dancer, falling from sky
Falling from the sky

Dancer in white, in front of building

Senate House Dance Photoshoot #1

The Cambridge Contemporary Dance company are putting on a show in December as part of Cambridge University’s 800th anniversary celebration year. The show has the rare privilege of taking place in the Senate House, the university’s main ceremonial building. The show is called “Light Matter”, so a couple of the ideas played with the weightless connotation of the word. I’ve photographed many of CCD’s dance shows in Cambridge, and have produced publicity photos for them in the past.

Senate House Dance Statues
This one is my absolute favourite

Dance Goddesses
Greek goddesses

Dancer leap outside Senate House

Dancers outside Senate House

Dancers on steps outside Senate House

Dancers floating outside Senate House

The last image was a composite of 4 stacked photos, as it’s too hard to get all dancers to strike their mid-air pose at exactly the same time. It also allowed them to wear the same costume (of which there was only one), giving them a uniform appearance.

Portraits of Stockholm

After my travels through the forests and lakes in Sweden, I found myself in Stockholm with no cash and a few hours to kill. Having already visited Stockholm the previous year, I didn’t feel I need to do any rushed sight-seeing, and knew my way around a bit. After an hour of walking around, it struck me how strongly so many people have similar facial features – the “Scandinavian Look” that Sweden is famed for. So I set myself a challenge, to take street portraits of several young people that, combined, would exhibit the Swedish look. Here are 6 of my favourites:


One girl in particular caught my eye, not only because of her skateboard, but also her piercing blue eyes and striking red hair. In a nation full of blondes, that definitely stands out.

20090809 17-03-30 IMG 5715 p600

20090809 17-03-40 IMG 5717 p600

Sweden – Forests & Lakes

For the third summer in a row, I travelled to Sweden for an intensive dance workshop. Unfortunately, I sustained an injury in the fortnight before flying out that rendered me unable to take part. Not one to waste an opportunity (or a non-refundable flight), I hired a car and drove around the myriad forests and lakes in South-Eastern Sweden for 4 days.

In addition to a dozen or so huge national parks, Sweden has hundreds of small nature reserves, all (relatively)-well documented, mapped, and sign-posted. So it was rather easy to hop from one to another, walk freely through the forests, feel at one and alone in nature, and admire the breathtaking scenery. Two main images remain firmly implanted in my memory – forests where every boulder, rock and patch of ground is covered in multi-coloured mosses; and expanses of blue lakes bordered by forests on all sides.

Many more forest and lake photos from Sweden can be viewed at CantabPhotos

Fairy-tale forest, covered in moss, Sweden

Rocks in lake, Sweden

Sweden Forests and Lakes

Sunset in meadow of wild grasses, Sweden

Moss-covered boulders in Swedish forest

Reflection of clouds in lake, Sweden

Sunset over lake, Sweden

Impression lily-pads and reflections, Sweden

Sunlight streaing through trees, in Swedish forest

Bluebells at sunset in a meadow, Sweden

Fun with Friends

I enjoyed the recent sunshine at a friend’s house, with a few other friends. Needless to say, some of them were actors, so wanted to try to get a few headshots in case any were usable for Spotlight. And of course one of my favourite muses, Sarah, was there, and I’m always happy to photograph her.

20090802-14-12-56 IMG 1041 p

Girl in Bikini with hunk

20090802-14-40-46 IMG 3897 p
Crashing a headshot photoshoot – great result though!

London Drama Headshot

London Drama Headshot

Patrick & Emma's Wedding at Christ's College, Cambridge

Patrick and Emma were students in Cambridge a while ago, and decided to get married in Christ’s College as they’re still based in Cambridge. Hidden away at the back of the college are beautiful gardens, and an old unused bathing pool, that made for excellent bride and groom photos.

Red Rose Wedding Bouquet

Wedding Kiss

Wedding Umbrella

Bride and Groom Reflection

Bride and Groom Reflection

Bride and Groom Reflection

Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom by Charles Darwin Statue
Next to the statue of a young Charles Darwin

Bride and Groom walking away

Bride and Groom kissing

Photoshoot with Erica (Studio #3)

This is the 5th time I’ve photographed Erica, and you can see why. She graduated from Cambridge this summer, and I thought I’d missed my last opportunity to have a photoshoot with her (she’s one of my favourite muses). So I was pleasantly surprised when she said she was back in town and free for a shoot.

I don’t normally fully-process as many photos as I did this time, so was curious to see how long it took. For those who are interested, here are some numbers:

3 hour shoot, 500 photos taken.
90 photos selected for processing (available on CantabPhotos).
7 hours’ Lightroom processing.
4 hours’ Photoshop retouching (mostly cleaning up the backgrounds).

I did a number of reviews of the photos, and got them down from 500 to 170, then 90, 50, 25, and finally these 14. Each of them is different enough in lighting, pose, and colour-processing, that I couldn’t reduce my selection any further.











Erica with wet hair


Erica, wet hair look

Erica, wet hair look