I first met Amber at an open studio day, where we had a short shoot together. Since then, she’s been shooting lots more, and getting more impressive results, so she was keen to come back for a proper shoot.



I’m amazed (and disappointed) that it took me nearly two years before I stumbled upon Leah’s portfolio, as she’s pretty much the ideal model for me – gorgeous bone structure, long dark hair, and an amazing modelling ability. Her communications before the shoot were almost over-effusively lovely, but on meeting her, I discovered she was indeed the most lovely person (not just model) I think I’ve ever met.

There were SO many fantastic photos of Leah smiling and having fun (simply because shooting with her was so enjoyable – OK, and we were listening to our favourite stand-up comic, Eddie Izzard, during the shoot), that they all deserve to be seen together – a perfect portrait of how lovely Leah really is!

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I’d seen Tamrin’s portfolio a few times, and every image in it was perfect. I’m now in a position to explain why – she’s fantastic with her hair and make-up, with an incredible figure, a great wardrobe, and a fine eye for styling.

Hannah Ashlea

My second shoot with Hannah Ashlea, arranged just in time before her move to Hong Kong. She has fantastic bone structure, and truly great expressions and poses.



My third shoot with Domm, simply because of her stunning looks. This is the first time we focused on beauty shots, making me wish I’d done so earlier!


Photoshoot with Raphaella

Raphaella is one of Britain’s top web models, and with her dance background, it was only natural that she’d be ideal for me to photograph. She also happens to be very good friends with Monika, (another model I’ve photographed and who is now studying children’s illustration at the Cambridge School of Art), so took the opportunity to travel down to Cambridge to see her and shoot with me.

Sadly, the warm weather of the Indian Summer had ended, so we weren’t able to shoot dance outside, but we still got some stunning photos in my home studio. I normally only post-process in Lightroom, but this time I put even more time in and post-post-processed in Photoshop. The results are definitely another step ahead of my usual results, especially for photos taken in my home studio, but are also due to Raphaella’s beauty and experience. I look forward to a dance shoot with her, the style that we both excel at.

I think this must be about the 13th model I’ve photographed in this red dress, and it never fails to produce amazing results.

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Vancouver Photoshoot with Cassandra

Ever since seeing a poster of Vancouver on a friend’s wall, I’ve always wanted to visit the city. I also have several friends who live there, one of whom I met in London earlier this year. Cassandra vlogs on YouTube every day (aka NerdzRL), and has an incredible optimism and joie de vivre, as well as a love of superheroes.

This first photo is one of my very favourites of all time, not only because it looks like a movie poster (and straight out of camera, no less), but also because it makes Cassandra look: 1) tall (she’s not), and 2) like one of the superheroes she so admires.

The first time I saw Cassandra, I wanted to do a photoshoot with her, and these results just prove why I found her photogenic in the first place.

These two headshots were taken during our lunch break at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Gas Town. The white table and our seating choices round the table made for perfect lighting!

And to finish the shoot, a clothing-catalogue style shot on the waterfront.