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AIM (AdderLink Infinity Manager)

July 2009 - present

AIM Screenshot Adder Technology's flagship product is AdderLink Infinity, a KVM-over-IP switch/extender for DVI/Audio/USB. The receivers and transmitters allow multiple remote users to access host computers in a very flexible manner, which requires a central management and control interface. AIM is a bespoke PHP & Mootools web application running on a lightweight LAMP server. It has been deployed in hundreds of organisations worldwide, including the live running of BBC's studios, China State Power's control centre, and various parliaments.
  • Single-handedly specified the architecture and functionality, and developed the code and UX/UI design, over the last 4 years
  • Worked alongside Adder/VNC hardware engineers on two-way server-device communication & configuration protocols
  • System administrators can configure devices, define user/group permissions, create virtual channels, and define preset connections
  • End users can change channels/presets using an advanced OSD, providing filtering, favourites, and hotkey functionality
  • API allows third party applications or hardware controllers to change channels/presets
  • Synchronization of users from an Active Directory server
  • Easy updates and backups of AIM software and Infinity firmware
The following five videos provide an overview of the AIM dashboard & OSD, and a case study.

Overview of AIM

AIM OSD Functionality

AIM Presets

Dual-Head Switching

Case Study - AIM in Twickenham Studios