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For posterity, here are details of almost all of the websites that I have designed and developed, ranging from galleries and information sites, to complex web applications and user communities.

AIM (2009 - 2013)
Adder Technology's flagship product is AdderLink Infinity, a KVM-over-IP switch/extender for DVI/Audio/USB. The receivers and transmitters allow multiple remote users to access host computers in a very flexible manner, which requires a central management and control interface. AIM is a bespoke PHP & Mootools web application running on a lightweight LAMP server. See the link on the left for full details.
Adder Technology
Adder Technology (2008 - 2013)
To modernise their existing design, and improve SEO, I built a completely new website so that it could be available in multiple languages. See the link on the left for full details. Powered by Drupal.
icould (2010 - 2013)
icould provides career inspiration to tens of thousands of young adults, through unique video content, articles, and personalised career resources. See the link on the left for full details. Powered by Wordpress.
buggylove (2012)
My brother and his wife have designed and developed a novel accessory for buggies and prams; a mitten/glove that attaches to any style of baby carrier, allows easy hand-removal, and is waterproof and insulated. Powered by Wordpress.
Jewish Ball 2012
Jewish Ball 2012 (2012)
The sixth and final Cambridge University Jewish Ball website that I designed. I came up with the Zodiac theme, as it matched the year, and offered great variety for theming and astral visuals at the event. I had a strong visual idea from the beginning, and am proud of the resulting home page imagery.
GallerEasy (2011)
I built a portfolio hosting content management system for artists and photographers to display their work. It's incredibly easy to upload large albums of images, as well as have categorised photo sets.
Jewish Ball 2011
Jewish Ball 2011 (2011)
The fifth Cambridge University Jewish Ball website that I designed. After last year's very visual Cluedo-themed website, I flexed my graphic design muscles again and made this fairy-tale book come to life with a beautiful design and page-turn effects.
Cambridge Dancers' Club
Cambridge Dancers' Club (2011)
Having seen my work on the CURnR website, the Cambridge Dancers' Club commissioned me to provide the UI and design for their new website. I also provided new imagery through several photoshoots with their best dancers.
My Beautiful Bike
My Beautiful Bike (2010)
A Cambridge couple who import bikes and accessories from the Netherlands commissioned a website with online sales functionality, that they could maintain themselves. Powered by Wordpress.
Jewish Ball 2010
Jewish Ball 2010 (2010)
The fourth Cambridge University Jewish Ball website that I designed. This was a particularly fun project, as the Cluedo theme gave plenty of opportunities to add game-like explorations of the playing board, with hidden Easter Eggs and strong branding.
Go Penguins!
Go Penguins! (2010)
Impressed by AuctionYourProperty.com, and their previous Go Superlambananas campaign with us, Wild in Art commissioned me again to create an online auction for 63 of their Penguin statues. The statues had been on display throughout Liverpool, and were highly-sought after by members of the public. Every lot was successfully sold in the week-long auction, raising tens of thousands of pounds for the Lord Mayor's Charity Appeal, and the WWF.

'We can't begin to thank you enough for all your great and hugely impressive work over the last few weeks.' - Wild in Art
Beat The Touts
Beat The Touts (2009)
The owner of this startup had already proven the business model, and needed to progress from a very manual process. I created a new site with custom functionality to make it easier for concert ticket listings to be added, made searchable, and emailed to subscribers. Powered by Wordpress.
Cambridge University Rock'n'Roll
Cambridge University Rock'n'Roll (2008)
The Cambridge University Acrobatic Rock'n'Roll Team perform their gravity-defying dance routines at various events, including prestigious Cambridge May Balls. Their old website was informative, but was difficult to maintain and had an out-dated design. This modern re-design is based on WordPress, so is easy to maintain, and was built in less than 2 days.
Go SuperLambananas!
Go SuperLambananas! (2008)
Impressed by AuctionYourProperty.com, Wild in Art commissioned me to create an online auction for 34 of their Superlambanana statues. The statues had been on display throughout the summer of 2008 all over Liverpool, and were highly-sought after by members of the public. Every lot was successfully sold in the week-long auction, raising over 30,000 pounds for the Lord Mayor's Charity Appeal.

'We can't begin to thank you enough for all your great and hugely impressive work over the last few weeks.' - Wild in Art
UJC (2008)
The University Jewish Chaplaincy (UJC) is the central body that places Jewish chaplains around the country, supporting students while at university. Their old website was difficult to maintain, and had a very out-dated design. This update brings their web presence in line with their newly-designed print material, allows them to make regular updates through the Joomla CMS, and is more appealing to potential donors, on which the UJC depends.

'Wow - it's amazing! You have done a great job, many thanks. Super delighted with it, and great timing.' - UJC
Claude Schneider Photography
Claude Schneider Photography (2008)
With my move to full-time professional photography and web design, I decided to improve my online photography portfolio, to bring it in line with the websites of some of the world's top photographers. The new site has a cleaner design, dynamic and fast-loading pages, and updated information about my services.
The site is completely JavaScript/AJAX-based, powered by MooTools, yet has the appearance and features that you'd expect only Flash could offer. There is also a non-script version, so that search engines can spider the full site content.
Jewish Ball 2008
Jewish Ball 2008 (2008)
The Cambridge University Jewish Ball has grown to a hugely popular and successful Cambridge Ball over the last few years, attracting Jewish students from all over the UK. Having created all of CUJS' websites since 2004, I was again asked to create the website for the 2008 Jewish Ball, which included online ticket sales.
VentureNavigator (2007)
While Product Manager at Library House, I was employed by the Business Edge team to provide my user interface and graphic design expertise.
Library House
Library House (2007)
I was Product Manager for Library House's suite of websites, from their corporate website, microsites for various technology seminar events, and the web-based financial information product. My role covered feature and technical requirement planning, functional specifications, project management, testing and deployment. I worked closely with the development team, marketing and events departments, as well as meeting regularly with the senior management throughout the planning and deployment stages of the re-architecturing and re-branding project.
CantabTalent (2007)
I created this site in a couple of days in May 2007 to showcase the wide-ranging talents of Cambridge University students and alumni. The idea came while watching some very talented musicians perform at Queens' Candle Club. Rather than building up a complex database-driven PHP site, I customised a WordPress installation, which proved to be very flexible and quick to set up.
Cirque de Soiree - Jewish Ball 2007
Cirque de Soiree - Jewish Ball 2007 (2007)
The Cambridge University Jewish Ball has grown to a hugely popular and successful Cambridge Ball over the last few years, attracting Jewish students from all over the UK. Having created all of CUJS' websites since 2004, I was again asked to create the website for the 2007 Jewish Ball, 'Cirque de Soiree', which included online ticket sales.
Claude Schneider Photography
Claude Schneider Photography (2006)
I created this site in December 2006 to showcase my now-extensive portfolio of photographs. I had up until then been using CantabPhotos as my online portfolio, but with over 150 albums, I wanted somewhere to show the very best of my photography, sorted by genre. The site contains a PhotoBlog, powered by Wordpress, and fully integrated into the rest of the site.
Valerie Weir
Valerie Weir (2006)
An online gallery for this Cambridge-based artist's work, to complement her stalls at the All-Saints Craft Market and Cambridge Sunday Market. The semi-abstract paintings, along with the Cambridge college views, are what first attracted me to Valerie's stall.
AuctionYourProperty.com (2006)
In mid-2005, one of my brother's friends asked me if I was interested in setting up an online property business together. He had experience as a property auctioneer, I had experience of making dynamic websites. Together, over the last year, we've made a revolutionary new website, that allows sellers to auction, sell or let their property without paying any estate agency fees or commission. Buyers can contact the seller directly, and if a property has been put up for auction, they can place bids on the auction day.
The largest project I've ever worked on (I sub-contracted three friends to work on some of the design, and auction code), now that the website has gone live (April 2006) I'm working extensive marketing and advertising for the site.
Emunah (2006)
Emunah are an up-and-coming band with a diverse and distinctive set spanning hiphop, house, drum and bass and some things in between. The lead vocalist/MC asked me to design their website to promote their first live performances, as well as making samples of their EP available for download.
To mark the launch of their latest EP, the band asked me to redesign their website. The new, modern design is more appropriate now that the band is attracting serious attention, on the back of their victory in Cambridge's SCA Battle of the Bands in 2005. I also photographed and designed their EP cover.
CantabPhotos (2005)
Having worked extensively on photo galleries for my website, I decided to create a site for Cambridge photographers, and share my gallery code. I started working on the site in April 2005, and have been adding more and more features since. CantabPhotos is a new online gallery showcasing the finest photographic talents of students and graduates of Cambridge University. Carrying a wide range of portfolios from various photographers, featuring Cambridge colleges, student performances, and Cambridge life, as well as photographs taken further afield.
What2GetMe (2005)
Created in partnership with Vistaris, a Cambridge-based marketing and design consultancy. An existing client of Vistaris wanted to start a business venture (offering a gift-list service for all occasions); combining Vistaris' marketing and design experience, with my technical skills and experience, we were able to deliver a modern and easy-to-use site, which allows members to register, create lists of gifts for special occasions, pass on the list to selected friends, and track which gifts have been purchased. The back-end is based on PHP and MySQL.
Vertigo - Jewish Ball 2005
Vertigo - Jewish Ball 2005 (2005)
The Cambridge University Jewish Ball has grown to a hugely popular and successful Cambridge Ball over the last few years, attracting Jewish students from all over the UK. Already renowned as the CUJS web guru, I was approached to create the website for the 2005 Jewish Ball, 'Vertigo', which included online ticket sales. The Ball is based in Duxford Air Museum, and has a 50s theme, hence the pink colours and retro styling. In addition to the website, I designed the flyers and posters which advertise the Ball throughout Cambridge and other student campuses in Britain.
CUlanu (2005)
CUlanu has existed in Cambridge since 2003 as a partner organisation to Cambridge University Jewish Society. As well as offering a place for people to hang out, CUlanu organises many events every week, including debates, parties, educational sessions and film nights. To help advertise its activities, and inform members of latest news, CUlanu commissioned its first website. I created a very appealing, modern, curvy site, which makes the CUlanu Centre look very accessible and welcoming.
CUJS (2004)
Cambridge University Jewish Society already had a functional website, although the design was rather dark and basic. The new design is a lot brighter, crisper, and modern, which gives new members a much better impression of the society. In addition to the new design, I created a very user-friendly content management system, which allows the presidents to update content through their web browser. New members can sign up to the mailing lists, and book meals at the Jerusalem Cafe.
MicroRobotics (2004)
MicroRobotics is a Cambridge-based electronics company that designs and makes embedded systems for control and measurement. Having been ranked the 16th fastest growing company in the Deloitte & Touche Eastern Region in 2003, they wanted to improve the design and navigation of their old website. In addition to creating a modern and professional website, I also designed a new company logo to complete the rebranding of the company's online presence.
Dr Nick Baylis
Dr Nick Baylis (2004)
Nick Baylis is a Coach, Therapist and Lecturer in Positive Psychology at the University of Cambridge. As well as coaching individuals and leading small group workshops, he consults to corporate and educational organisations throughout the UK, Europe and the USA, and regularly writes on his subject for national newspapers and magazines.
Nick wanted to bring together his coaching for individuals website, and his two other websites, all under one roof, and at the same time offering input in the redesign process. Both the corporate pages of the site, as well as the personal coaching pages had to share the same branding, look and feel, so a simple and bright design was chosen.
Niche Construction
Niche Construction (2003)
Three academics from Oxford, St. Andrews and Stanford Universities have written a book detailing a ground-breaking new theory of evolution. Niche construction - the capacity of living organisms to modify their worlds - is a neglected process in evolution. This site proves information about the process of niche construction, describes their research, sketches its implications for evolutionary theory and related disciplines, and promotes a new book on the topic.
Social Learning Lab
Social Learning Lab (2003)
I developed this site working in collaboration with a researcher at the SEAL Lab. It includes a page dedicated to to the head of the lab's new popular science book about evolutionary approaches to human behaviour, 'Sense & Nonsense'.
The AA
The AA (2000)
During my internship for Netdecisions in 2000, I worked on The AA's new website, as an HTML front-end developer, graphic designer, and user-experience designer. The bits which are all my own work are the rollovers on the title bar, the search and index pages, and parts of the Getaway and All About Cars sections. It was great fun and good experience working as part of the team at ND.