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March 2010 - present

icould.com home page icould provides career inspiration to tens of thousands of young adults, through unique video content, articles, and personalised career resources.
  • Massively improved the UI, making it easier for visitors to access content, understand what the site offered, and login with existing social media accounts
  • Automated migration of 1,000 videos to YouTube, saving tens of thousands in hosting costs, adding support for mobiles, and increasing discovery of icould's content
  • Creation of an advanced API for icould's video and article content, allowing organisations to expand their career site offerings, and providing icould with additional revenue streams
  • Created an advanced Search Wizard, providing users with personalised video and article content
  • Improved the usability and functionality of the site's most popular feature, a Myers-Briggs personality quiz; created a Facebook app version, and added social features for viral growth
  • Automated daily import of articles syndicated by third parties
  • Improvements to the back-end allowing staff to categorise and tag content more easily, resulting in visitors being shown more relevant related content

Overview of icould