Cambridge in the twilit mist

I went wandering with my camera again this afternoon. For some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to get some photos of Cambridge in the mist, just as it was getting dark. I had the whole afternoon when the light was better, but wanted to make things hard on myself. I guess I always preferred night photography, though I should have taken a tripod!

Magdalene Bridge

Misty Punts

Magdalene College

Cobbles of St. John's College Forecourt

St. John's First Court

St. John's Bridge of Sighs

The Master's Lodge Tree

New Court Cloister

New Court Cloister

Bridge of Sighs

Tree in Night Mist

Bridge of Sighs at Night

Magdalene Bridge at Night

Cambridge Mist & Frost

It was rather misty and frosty in Cambridge this morning. Oh, and pretty cold as a result :)
I got a few photos on my way into work this morning. Poor spiders…






I had to stop there, as I was running late for work, and I couldn’t feel my fingers.
That evening, I couldn’t resist getting a photo of the giant snowman by the Cineworld. It’s HUGE!