Editorial Fashion with Emma

I’d arranged to meet a prospective model (Dina) for a drink to chat about ideas for our first photoshoot, and I noticed that the waitress serving us was tall and photogenic, ideal modelling material. As I paid the bill, I asked if she was interested in modelling, and left her my card. A couple of weeks later, she got in touch, saying she was signed with M±P Agency, and as she was in the process of building a portfolio and really liked my work, she’d love a shoot. I suggested a location shoot the next day, as the sun had finally returned after weeks of unpredictably wet weather.

Shooting with Emma was effortlessly easy, as her face, body shape and poses are ideally suited for editorial fashion.

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IMG 8319 p

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More photos from the shoot can be viewed at http://claude.gallereasy.com/#gallery_309