Photos that helped sell my apartment on Facebook

Before resorting to estate agents (and their huge commission fee), I decided to try to sell my apartment in Cambridge myself. I knew how to take better photographs than the estate agents would produce, listed on a handful of websites, and created an event on Facebook for as many of my friends to share as possible, in the hope of finding a buyer. And it worked, far too well. A day after my listing went online, I had a buyer, willing to pay full asking price, and to take it fully furnished as well.

The apartment is very bright, but I was fortunate to have early morning light for these photos.







Dance in Focus – Exhibition

The morning after the Canada Day celebrations in Trafalgar Square, I had a client meeting in London’s Angel Building, so I stayed in town and checked out the Dance in Focus exhibition in City Hall. It features photographs taken during a two day dance photography workshop run by Chris Nash that I attended in May. Two of my photographs feature in the exhibition, which runs until the end of June, and is part of London’s Big Dance and Dance in Focus events. I shall be posting more of my photos from the workshop soon.

"Out of the Strong Came Forth Sweetness", in The Angel Building
The Olympic Rings on Tower Bridge

My photograph of dancer Brett Murray
My favourite photograph of dancer Emma Fisher

"The Navigators", in Hay's Galleria

Canada Day in London

Since deciding to go and live in Vancouver for a while, I’ve made lots of Canadian friends in Cambridge, and we headed down to Trafalgar Square to celebrate Canada Day (or Canada D’Eh?! as I prefer to spell it :) There were so many smiling faces, people dressed in red, and politeness and friendliness everywhere you looked. The celebrations and on-stage performances culminated with one of Canada’s most popular bands, Our Lady Peace. The icing on the top of a great day was seeing a little girl on her father’s shoulders, wearing a red coat and beret, with a Canadian flag painted on her cheek, rocking along to the music :)

Group yoga with Lululemon
Canada House on Trafalgar Square

Cambridge Ballerina Project – Yi Yi

Yi Yi is another dancer new to the Cambridge University Ballet Club, whose abilities shone in the show this year. As with Ana‘s shoot, the weather and exams prevented our shooting together until the day before she left Cambridge for the summer. Luckily, after weeks of rain and cold, the weather suddenly warmed up, so we arranged a dawn shoot so we could shoot in town without anybody about. Towards the end of the shoot at 7am, someone cycled up to us and asked if we were taking photos for the Cambridge Ballerina Project, and said he was a fan of the Project :)

As with Kizzie’s shoot, the first photo below was taken with my iPhone and processed with Instagram.

See the rest of the photos from this shoot at and become a fan of the Cambridge Ballerina Project on Facebook.


Cambridge Ballerina Project – Kizzie

Kizzie is the new president of the Cambridge University Ballet Club, and while that doesn’t automatically lead to a Cambridge Ballerina Project shoot (Lara, Hanna and Helen have all been on the committee), Kizzie did shine in this year’s show. She’s a student at Robinson College, one which I had not yet photographed for the Project, and it is almost entirely made up of red bricks, making for some very strong photos.

This first photo was taken on my iPhone and processed with Snapseed and Instagram, as the photo of the day for my #366project. It managed to bring out dramatic detail in the sky, as well as being much quicker and easier to create than my usual DSLR – Lightroom workflow. Most of the rest of the photos below were post-post-processed with Instagram, as I’m a big fan of the square format as well as the colour-processing.

See the rest of the photos from this shoot at and become a fan of the Cambridge Ballerina Project on Facebook.


Conjunction of the Moon, Venus & Jupiter

In a relatively rare event, Venus and Jupiter were both very visible and close to each other in the evening sky, with the Moon passing between them. Cambridge was blessed with clear skies throughout this period, so I was able to photograph the progress of the Moon relative to the two planets, across three nights.

Venus is above Jupiter in these photos, which were taken at Castle Mound, Murray Edwards College, and Senate House.