Acting Headshot for Lizzy

Lizzy graduated from Cambridge in 2001, has worked and travelled since then, and is now returning to drama school in London to continue the acting that she pursued during her time as an undergraduate.

Playing with Light

While most of Britain was suffering torrential rain and floods, my friends and I were enjoying fine weather on the Norfolk coast for a weekend camping trip. While sitting round the camp-fire, someone brought out sparklers, which naturally led to people drawing and writing in the dark. I started taking long-exposure photos of these drawings, and then remembered a Strobist blog article, about firing the flash remotely from several locations in one long exposure. The results are shown below.

Light-painting smiley faces with sparklers

Light-painting a smiley face with a torch

Light-painted silhouette


Single-exposure, triple-flash - Indian goddess with many arms

Single-exposure, triple-flash

Single-exposure, triple-flash

Single-exposure, triple-flash