Dance show publicity photoshoot

I’ve been photographing and designing the publicity for Cambridge’s largest dance show for several years now, and was again asked to create some images for the forthcoming CUCDW dance show at the ADC theatre in January 2010.

The three producers of the show are all great dancers, so modelled for the publicity photos. I’d wanted to photograph them for a while, and wasn’t disappointed in the results.

Given the show’s title “Signatures”, we had an idea of capturing silhouettes of signature moves from various dance styles. The following is the main image chosen for the publicity.

Striking dance silhouette

This main image (and others from this shoot) were combined for the final poster design . Of course I’m not one to waste an opportunity to photograph such beautiful and talented dancers, so here are a few more photos taken during the rest of the shoot.

Dancer arched backwards

Dancer leaping

Ballet dancer arching backwards on pointe

Ballet dancer on pointe

Two dancers

IMG 4314 p600

Dancer in back bridge

Dancer on floor

Dancer reclining on floor

Dancer in camel yoga pose

Dancer leaping into air

Three dancers posing together

Three dancers posing together in a curve

Photoshoot with Beth

At Oi Va Voi’s recent gig at the Cambridge Junction, I noticed someone at the front of the audience (well, I couldn’t help but notice her, I kept passing her as I moved around taking photos of the band). I was taken by her striking figure (slim and 5′ 11”), English Rose looks, all juxtaposed with her large, but elegant, shoulder tattoo. We spoke afterwards, arranged a photoshoot, and here are the results. While it was only her first shoot, some of the shots came out really well, and I’m proud to add them to my portfolio.

I’m always looking for models to create more artistic figure studies, so if you’re interested, get in touch.

20091022-cambridge portrait tattoo photoshoot7

20091022-cambridge portrait tattoo photoshoot6

20091022-cambridge portrait tattoo photoshoot11

20091022-cambridge portrait tattoo photoshoot10

20091022-cambridge portrait tattoo photoshoot8

20091022-cambridge portrait tattoo photoshoot9

20091022-cambridge portrait tattoo photoshoot1

20091022-cambridge portrait tattoo photoshoot2

20091022-cambridge portrait tattoo photoshoot12

20091022-cambridge portrait tattoo photoshoot4

20091022-cambridge portrait tattoo photoshoot3

Photoshoot with Vesna & Paul

Paul and Vesna are without a doubt Cambridge University’s most successful ballroom & latin dancers. Having seen the results of my recent photoshoot with Samantha, one of their Dancesport friends, Paul commissioned a photoshoot for Vesna. The gardens, backs, and bridges of St. John’s are still my favourite location for photoshoots, and both Paul and Vesna were very photogenic. Expect another photoshoot with them soon…

20091004-cambridge portrait photoshoot1

20091004-cambridge portrait photoshoot2

20091004-cambridge portrait photoshoot3

20091004-cambridge portrait photoshoot4

20091004-cambridge couple photoshoot5

20091004-cambridge portrait photoshoot6

20091004-cambridge couple photoshoot7

20091004-cambridge couple photoshoot8

20091004-cambridge couple photoshoot9

20091004-cambridge portrait photoshoot10