Acting Headshot for Will

A fourth year linguist, Will has been acting throughout his time at Cambridge, and is hoping to pursue a career in drama. His agent recommended that he get a new headshot photo, and I was highly recommended by one of his peers (one of my muses), Rebecca.

Acting Headshot for Will

Canvas Print – CUTAZZ Lyrical Dance

After the CUTAZZ Dance Show, I was approached by the boyfriend of the dance teacher / lead performer (Natalie Demain), to make a canvas print of one of her dances that I’d photographed, as a birthday present. I put together a few drafts of different artistic styles for the print, and a week later, the canvas was delivered in time for her birthday, and I think looks rather great.

CUTAZZ - Lyrical Dance
The final canvas print, after some artistic editing

CUTAZZ - Lyrical Dance
The original photograph

Abi & Mark's Wedding

Two friends of mine met on an Oxbridge trip two and a half years ago, and they’re now married :) They chose Wadham College, Oxford, as the location for the ceremony and celebrations, as the bride’s grandfather is a fellow at the college. Very handy, as it made for a pretty wedding location. It also meant I was able to go to the upper balcony in Hall to get a photo of the dinner in its splendid glory. The photo of Hall is a stitch of 16 photos, mimicking a very wide-angle lens.

Abi & Mark

Dining Hall, Wadham College, Oxford
Dining Hall, Wadham College, Oxford

The Groom's Speech
The Groom’s Speech

Sprung – Queens' Contemporary Dance Show

The fourth and final major dance show of the term. While the Queens’ College Contemporary Dance Society may lack the budget of the larger dance shows, it is now in its ninth year, and covers a range of contemporary dance styles that its members, and Dancer-in-Residence Adèle Thompson, have put together. The most innovative piece, which provided my favourite visual image of the show, saw a musician playing a double bass while performing with another dancer.

Sprung - Queens' Dance Show

More photos of Sprung can be viewed at CantabPhotos, and videos of selected performances can be viewed on YouTube.

ADC Dance Poster

Having photographed the CUCDW dance show at the ADC for the last 4 years, and to promote the photographs I’d recently taken of this year’s show, I put together a design showing my photos from the last four years, including the montage that I put together of this year’s show. I’m fortunate to know the ADC’s marketing manager (one of my muses), so was able to put up an A1 poster in the corridor leading to the auditorium. I currently have three exhibits up in the ADC – a range of selected framed photos from my portfolio up in the bar, headshots of current student actors, and now this dance poster. A1 prints can be rather pricey, but I found out about a fantastic printing company, MyShoot, who provide a personal and very well-priced service. Click on the image below to get a closer look.

ADC Poster for CUCDW Dance Shows