Red Dress in the Meadows

Sharon had been after a shoot with me for several months, and finally found a date when she could come down from Lincolnshire. After a few indoor photos, we headed out to some meadows to capture the golden light at “Magic Hour”. Even though the photos have been retouched a little, you’d never guess that Sharon was about to turn 40.

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Guen & Greg

A well-published model asked to do a photoshoot with me, so I arranged the hire of a local art gallery/studio to shoot in, as well as the great make-up artist (Emma Knight) whom I met at the Derelict Fashion photoshoot. Unfortunately, the model cancelled two days before the shoot, so I had to find some fill in models at short notice. As it was the middle of Cambridge’s exam term, most of my model/dancer friends were unavailable, and castings on model websites sadly didn’t come to anything, but fortunately Greg & Guen stepped in to save the day, despite Guen’s imminent exams. Greg was planning on taking some photos too, but has modelled for me before, and was just being fitted with a designer suit that day, so served as perfect model material.


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