Oi Va Voi in concert at The Junction, Cambridge

I had the privilege, yet again, of photographing Oi Va Voi at their Cambridge gig, kicking off the UK Tour for their third album, Travelling the Face of the Globe.

Oi Va Voi returned to the Cambridge Junction touring for their third album, Travelling The Face Of The Globe. Since the last time I photographed them in 2007, their female violinist and bassist have changed again, but the band sounded as great as ever, if not better.
While they get through violinists at a rate of knots, they’re all very photogenic, full of energy, and very gifted. Just like the rest of the band.

Again, they were supported by the jazzy and very funky grooves of Gil Karpas (see photos of Gil’s set on CantabPhotos).

More Oi Va Voi photos from the Cambridge 2009 gig can be viewed on CantabPhotos.

Steve Levi, Clarinet & Vocals
Steve Levi, Clarinet, Vocals, Oi Va Voi

Steve Levi, Clarinet, Vocals, Oi Va Voi

20090923-IMG 0826 p

Anna Phoebe, Vixen of ViolinAnna Phoebe, Vixen of Violin, Oi Va Voi

Anna Phoebe, Vixen of Violin, Oi Va Voi

20090923-IMG 1087 p

Bridgette Amofah, lead vocals
Bridgette Amofah, Vocals, Oi Va Voi

The band: Nick Ammar, Josh Breslaw, Anna Phoebe, Bridgette Amofah, Steve Levi, Lucy Shaw, David Orchant
Oi Va Voi, Band Photo

Cloud Forest Silhouette

I recently had a photoshoot with a dancer, and got some great photos of her in silhouette. Once I had processed the silhouette in black and white, I was then inspired by two of Magritte’s paintings, and here’s what I came up with.

Cloud Forest Silhouette

The inspirational Magritte paintings:
The Blank Check (left) and The Large Family (right)

Magritte Inspiration - The Blank Check, The Large Family

Cat on My Balcony

I was playing piano yesterday afternoon, in front of my balcony window, and spotted an unexpected listener on the balcony. I’ve occasionally seen cats wandering across the (1st floor) balcony, but not taking a nap there…

Cat sleeping on balcony

Cat on Balcony

Garden Wildlife in Macro

I purchased a new macro-adapter for my camera, so headed out into my parents’ garden to try it out. It may not have the sharpness of a dedicated macro lens, but for £5, it’s definitely a great way of getting even more practice after my first forays with damselflies a few weeks ago.

Flower macro close-up

Blackfly macro close-up

Alex's Wedding Preparations

I was invited to photograph Alex and André’s wedding in Devon, and they and the whole family were most welcoming and helpful. The room used for the bride’s preparations was bright and cleanly-decorated, the ideal location for natural photos.

Wedding preparations, hairdresser

Wedding preparations, hairdresser

Wedding preparations, hairdresser
As Tyra Banks would say on ANTM, “Fierce!”

Wedding preparations

Wedding preparations, hairdresser

Wedding dress hanging in window
The bride’s dress hanging in the window

Wedding preparations, bride, hairdresser, bridesmaids
The bride’s hair and make-up, with her bridesmaids

Slapton Sands, Devon

I was in Devon for 3 days, covering a wedding, and the Bed & Breakfast where I was accommodated was only 10 minutes’ walk from the beach, the famous Slapton Sands. So in the hour I had before I was picked up for the wedding preparations, I took a leisurely stroll down to the beach and took a few photos. Here are two of my favourites.

Slapton Sands, Devon - Beach

Slapton Sands, Devon - Beach