Li & Alyssa’s Wedding

Li is a good friend from University, and I was honoured to be part of his day both as a guest and wedding photographer. The wedding was quite small, but very beautiful. One of the few weddings I’ve photographed that had a wedding planner, but Rebecca Gregory did a fantastic job. The grounds of Wotton House, a hotel in Surrey, afforded myriad beautiful locations for photographs, and being able to enjoy the day among friends made everything perfect.

Bride's Shoes

Bride's Hair and Make-Up Preparations

Bridesmaids Helping with Finishing Touches

Groom Placing Wedding Ring on Bride's Finger

Newly-Wed Bride and Groom

Bridal Party

Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom walking away

Bride and Groom

Wedding Breakfast

Wedding Cake

Bride and Groom with Drinks and Wedding Rings

Groom's Speech

Cutting the Wedding Cake

Bride and Groom's First Dance

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Amy & Steven's Wedding

Amy & Steven met during Rock’n’Roll dance classes at Cambridge University, and were the club’s most successful couple in years of competitions.

20100403-IMG 7286 p600-2
The groom and best man take a walk before the ceremony

20100403-IMG 7322 p600-2
Patient Page Boy

20100403-IMG 7385 p600-2
The bride is greeted by her bridesmaids

20100403-IMG 7464 p600-2
Newlywed kiss

20100403-IMG 7612 p600-2

20100403-IMG 7995 p600-4
Dirty Dancing

20100403-IMG 8027 p600-2

20100403-IMG 8046 p600

20100403-IMG 8079 p600

20100403-IMG 8147 p600-3

Alex's Wedding Preparations

I was invited to photograph Alex and André’s wedding in Devon, and they and the whole family were most welcoming and helpful. The room used for the bride’s preparations was bright and cleanly-decorated, the ideal location for natural photos.

Wedding preparations, hairdresser

Wedding preparations, hairdresser

Wedding preparations, hairdresser
As Tyra Banks would say on ANTM, “Fierce!”

Wedding preparations

Wedding preparations, hairdresser

Wedding dress hanging in window
The bride’s dress hanging in the window

Wedding preparations, bride, hairdresser, bridesmaids
The bride’s hair and make-up, with her bridesmaids

Patrick & Emma's Wedding at Christ's College, Cambridge

Patrick and Emma were students in Cambridge a while ago, and decided to get married in Christ’s College as they’re still based in Cambridge. Hidden away at the back of the college are beautiful gardens, and an old unused bathing pool, that made for excellent bride and groom photos.

Red Rose Wedding Bouquet

Wedding Kiss

Wedding Umbrella

Bride and Groom Reflection

Bride and Groom Reflection

Bride and Groom Reflection

Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom by Charles Darwin Statue
Next to the statue of a young Charles Darwin

Bride and Groom walking away

Bride and Groom kissing