Taking my photos to the next level

I’ve seen some really impressive design work applied to fashion photos, so was inspired to have a go with some of my own photos. For some reason, I chose to undertake my first “respray” at 1am, and finished (or called it a night) at dawn. I can see elements in the image which are great, and some things which I should improve on next time, but it’s not bad for my first attempt (hopefully many more to come).

I also put together a montage of my favourite shots from the recent photoshoots with Erica.

Photoshoot with Erica (Studio #2)

After the success of the recent studio photoshoot with Erica, we arranged another shoot a few days later to carry on from where we’d left off. She got back into the modelling zone straight away, and her photos kept getting better and better.

Erica is fast-becoming one of my favourite muses. Funnily enough she’s at the same college as most of my other muses, Rebecca, Hayley, Megan and Emily. There must be something about Homerton that attracts models – that’ll be the drama degree!

View more photos from this shoot with Erica at CantabPhotos.com

Acting Headshot for Julia

Julia recently graduated from Cambridge, and needed a headshot photo at very short notice. After some deliberation about her favourite shot, and a little post-processing, here’s the one she chose.

Photoshoot with Sarah (Studio)

Sarah is a fantastic ballet and contemporary dancer, and I’d already done a few modelling photoshoots with her. She wanted some acting headshots to take to casting agents. Once the photoshoot was in full flow, we did several lush shots with a fan, various glamorous clothes, and dramatic lighting.