Scooterworks Café

I went to Scooterworks Café in Waterloo with some friends – it’s a fantastic combination of a scooter workshop and coffee shop. Lots of character, great decor, and really good coffee – from an authentic 1957 Italian coffee machine.

Sarah at Hairdresser
Sarah, being a great model, as usual

Coffee and brownie
Coffee ripples and brownie

Sarah - girl in coffee shop
Sarah, coffee ripples, and the coffee machine

Hand in back pocket

Scooterworks Cafe

Scooterworks Cafe
Behind the bar

Scooterworks Cafe
The coffee menu

Photoshoot with Sarah (Studio 2)

One of my favourite muses, Sarah, had asked me to do a photoshoot for her sister. Those are coming soon, but in the mean time, now online – here are some of my favourites of Sarah from the shoot.

This first photo is an updated headshot to add to Sarah’s portfolio, as she’s doing more theatre and film these days.

Headshot for Sarah





At the end of the shoot, Lucy took the camera to get a few photos of the photographer with his muse :)

Claude and Sarah

Selwyn Chapel by Candle-Light

A photographer friend has been taking HDR photos of each college’s chapel in Cambridge, and invited me along to take some photos with him. He’d set up candles in Selwyn College’s chapel. While he was working on taking photos of the eagle lectern, I took a couple of wide shots of the organ and pews.

Selwyn Chapel by candle-light

Selwyn Chapel by Candle-light