Photoshoot with Hannah Ashlea

Earlier in the day, I’d shot with Katie Louise at Pro Image Studio in Greenwich. I’d been trying to shoot with Hannah Ashlea for several months, and was fortunate enough to find a day when both were available, so we could take advantage of a full day in the studio. I’d noticed Hannah Ashlea initially for her (dyed) red hair, great bone structure, and strong fashion portfolio, and she definitely didn’t disappoint in portraits, fashion, and willingness to get great shots together. Hopefully we’ll be shooting more together soon.

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Photoshoot with Katie Louise

I’ve seen Katie’s photos pop up in several lists/portfolios, and have wanted to shoot with her for a long time. It turns out that she’d seen my photos too, and had wanted to shoot with me too. Such mutual appreciation made for a great photoshoot. I chose to try out Pro Image Studio in Greenwich, as it looked very well-equipped and with reasonable rates, and we weren’t disappointed. I also shot there with another model, Hannah Ashlea, later that day – we’d been trying to shoot for a while too, and as the two models had very similar looks, it worked would work well shooting on the same day.

Katie had incredible energy, shown through endless jumps to get the right shot, and boundless enthusiasm, shown through her ever-present smile and endless poses. She’s immediately become one of my favourite models, and we’ll be shooting together again soon.

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Lingerie Photoshoot with Ivory Flame – Redux

I’ve shot with Holly many times now, and we have a mutual appreciation for art, and each other’s portfolios. She has advised me to cut down on the quantity of shots that I process from a shoot (more for my own sanity than the quality of each resulting image!), so in addition to the myriad gorgeous shots from our recent lingerie shoot, I chose 3 photos to work on in more detail.

Normally I used Adobe Lightroom to select the best photos from a shoot (a 4-pass process that can result in 25-100 photos I love, and can’t leave out from my online gallery), and I then carefully post-process each photo (crop, skin smoothing, colour correction, and trying various colour-tone effects). This usually takes me a 10-15 hours. Definitely not sanity-preserving!

Lightroom makes it very easy to get very different results just by tweaking a few sliders, but working in Photoshop allows more creative control, as well as the ability to add textures and other graphic design elements. I was impressed with how varied these three photos came out, even though they were all taken within an hour’s shoot, using the same lighting and backdrop.

IMG 7985-Edit p-CS

IMG 8162-Edit p-anon

IMG 8208-Edit p-anon