I first met Amber at an open studio day, where we had a short shoot together. Since then, she’s been shooting lots more, and getting more impressive results, so she was keen to come back for a proper shoot.


Photoshoot with Raphaella

Raphaella is one of Britain’s top web models, and with her dance background, it was only natural that she’d be ideal for me to photograph. She also happens to be very good friends with Monika, (another model I’ve photographed and who is now studying children’s illustration at the Cambridge School of Art), so took the opportunity to travel down to Cambridge to see her and shoot with me.

Sadly, the warm weather of the Indian Summer had ended, so we weren’t able to shoot dance outside, but we still got some stunning photos in my home studio. I normally only post-process in Lightroom, but this time I put even more time in and post-post-processed in Photoshop. The results are definitely another step ahead of my usual results, especially for photos taken in my home studio, but are also due to Raphaella’s beauty and experience. I look forward to a dance shoot with her, the style that we both excel at.

I think this must be about the 13th model I’ve photographed in this red dress, and it never fails to produce amazing results.

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Photoshoot with Amie & Faye

Amie and Faye are two models I’ve photographed before, and happen to be best friends too. And they both happen to be excellent photographers as well. So it was only natural to do a shoot with them together.

I headed up to Faye’s “Castle Zombie” in Sheffield for the day, and many fun and amazing photos were taken.

The red dress gets another outing with Amie. I’d already shot Faye in it when we first shot.

At the end of the shoot, I got this candid shot of Faye checking her phone.

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Photoshoot with Maja

I’d wanted to shoot with Maja for a while, and after she posted a casting call for a specific photoshoot idea, we got talking. After about 50 messages back and forth (sharing creative ideas, not negotiating!), we finally got to shoot on some ideas we both loved, and the results were worth the wait. Maja may have an Eastern-European pseudonym, and matching bone structure, but she’s very English, which took me some time to adjust to having built up a Slavic image of her before the shoot! Not only does she have great pale skin, a toned figure, strong bone structure, and (currently) red hair, but she’s also a great make-up artist. Sadly, she got delayed arriving at the shoot, so we had an hour less to work with. We’d planned to end the shoot with some crazy/fashion make-up, but what we got was definitely nothing to be ashamed of.

Photoshoot with Hannah Ashlea

Earlier in the day, I’d shot with Katie Louise at Pro Image Studio in Greenwich. I’d been trying to shoot with Hannah Ashlea for several months, and was fortunate enough to find a day when both were available, so we could take advantage of a full day in the studio. I’d noticed Hannah Ashlea initially for her (dyed) red hair, great bone structure, and strong fashion portfolio, and she definitely didn’t disappoint in portraits, fashion, and willingness to get great shots together. Hopefully we’ll be shooting more together soon.

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Photoshoot with Katie Louise

I’ve seen Katie’s photos pop up in several lists/portfolios, and have wanted to shoot with her for a long time. It turns out that she’d seen my photos too, and had wanted to shoot with me too. Such mutual appreciation made for a great photoshoot. I chose to try out Pro Image Studio in Greenwich, as it looked very well-equipped and with reasonable rates, and we weren’t disappointed. I also shot there with another model, Hannah Ashlea, later that day – we’d been trying to shoot for a while too, and as the two models had very similar looks, it worked would work well shooting on the same day.

Katie had incredible energy, shown through endless jumps to get the right shot, and boundless enthusiasm, shown through her ever-present smile and endless poses. She’s immediately become one of my favourite models, and we’ll be shooting together again soon.

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