Flight to Vancouver

How many of London’s landmarks can you spot in this photo?
The London Eye, Westminister & Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, Oxford Street, King’s Cross & St. Pancras International…

Ice in Hudson Bay, Canada

One of many many many rivers in rural Canada


A one-day client sales trip to Toronto afforded me a few hours to see the city.

Flock of geese in Eaton Centre shopping mall
Art installation, Flock of Geese in the Eaton Centre shopping mall

Downtown Toronto
Downtown Toronto, as viewed from the CN Tower

Ingo Maurer art installation
Art installation in Toronto Airport, Ingo Maurer’s “Earthbound… Unbound”

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London Red Bull Air Race

A friend hosted a party the night before the Red Bull Air Race, and his apartment in London’s Docklands had a fantastic view over the race course the next morning. You wouldn’t have seen images of aeroplanes flying low and fast over central London a few years ago…

Flying to Cape Town

Not being one to do things by half, I wasn’t going to let the little matter of travelling to the other side of the world stop me having some last minute fun. Having packed my (19kg) suitcase and treble-checked that I had all the necessary documents and travel items, I made my way to the ADC to enjoy Nick Mohammed’s excellent one-man-show “The Forer Factor” with some friends. They then kept me company (or vice versa) until I had to catch my coach at 1:30am.
With the coach due to arrive at Heathrow Terminal 4 at 4am, I lay down at the back of the coach for some much-needed sleep. The next thing I heard was “Anyone else for Terminal 4?” being called at 3:30. Oops, almost missed my stop. KLM’s check-in didn’t open ’til 5am, so I did a little more (conscious) resting before my daytime flight. Clear weather and a half-full plane allowed me to get some great photos of the French Alps and the Sahara desert (photos below, more on CantabPhotos). The sun set somewhere over the Equator, and with nothing more to see out of the window, I settled back into my 3rd film of the flight (The Weather Man, Aeon Flux, Crash).
Upon exiting customs, I was surprised to find a driver waiting to take me to the nearby hotel I’d checked into (the rest of the my friends were arriving the following morning). He was called Arnold, and was an entertaining introduction to Cape Town :)

The Alps

Sahara Desert

Sahara Desert

Sahara Desert

More aerial photos on CantabPhotos

Molten Thames

Flying back into London Luton airport at 8:30am, I got some amazing views of Southern England, and caught this great view of London in the morning light – the low sun made the Thames look like freshly poured molten gold. You can see the Thames Flood Barrier, The Millennium Dome, City Airport, Tower Bridge, and the Thames Estuary.

If you are interested in licensing this image, or purchasing a print, please contact me to discuss the options.

Molten Thames

We flew across France at 40,000ft to avoid turbulence; the altitude we kept coming across the channel gifted us some great views of Southern England, as well as some great ice crystals.

Ice Crystals on Airplane Window