Canada Day in London

Since deciding to go and live in Vancouver for a while, I’ve made lots of Canadian friends in Cambridge, and we headed down to Trafalgar Square to celebrate Canada Day (or Canada D’Eh?! as I prefer to spell it :)┬áThere were so many smiling faces, people dressed in red, and politeness and friendliness everywhere you looked. The celebrations and on-stage performances culminated with one of Canada’s most popular bands, Our Lady Peace. The icing on the top of a great day was seeing a little girl on her father’s shoulders, wearing a red coat and beret, with a Canadian flag painted on her cheek, rocking along to the music :)

Group yoga with Lululemon
Canada House on Trafalgar Square

Conference of Chilean Scientists

I was commissioned to photograph a conference taking place at Robinson College, where over a hundred Chilean scientists convened to share their research, and find solutions that would help Chile’s economy through science. The conference took place over two days, and included a formal hall dinner at St. John’s College, before which a group photo was taken on the backs.

Cambridge Conference

Cambridge Conference Group Photo

Cambridge Conference Dinner Formal Hall


This year’s Cambridge University Jewish Ball was themed on the board game “Cluedo”, and held at the most appropriate venue possible, “Anstey Hall”, just south of Cambridge.

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The Ball Committee

Survivors' Photo
Survivors’ Photo