Photoshoot with Amie & Faye

Amie and Faye are two models I’ve photographed before, and happen to be best friends too. And they both happen to be excellent photographers as well. So it was only natural to do a shoot with them together.

I headed up to Faye’s “Castle Zombie” in Sheffield for the day, and many fun and amazing photos were taken.

The red dress gets another outing with Amie. I’d already shot Faye in it when we first shot.

At the end of the shoot, I got this candid shot of Faye checking her phone.

More photos from this shoot at

Location Photoshoot with Katie Louise

My first shoot with Katie was one of my best photoshoot days ever, so I had high expectations for our second shoot, when she came up to visit me in Cambridge. She’d barely settled in after an hour of traffic en route, when we headed out to catch the last hour of golden light before sunset. No sooner did we find our location (each climbing UNDER a fence to get into the field), that we got these shots.

I call it a perfect storm – the Trifecta of perfect location, perfect light, and a perfect model. I’ve seen photos like this in so many portfolios, so I’m thrilled that these all looked stunning straight out of camera.

We then headed back in and got this stunning beauty shot.

I can’t wait for our next shoot soon, hopefully a duet with Faye :)