Photoshoot with Natasha

No more than a few hours after finishing off the photoshoot with Lauren, I had another photoshoot with a new muse. This turned out to be my longest photoshoot to date (5 hours, 1,000 photos) – I think the pictures below will explain why…

Pretty girl in black vest

Pretty girl in black vest

Pretty girl posing

Girl leaning against exercise ball

Girl leaning against chair

Girl leaning against chair

Girl staring into camera

Girl posing in black dress

Portrait of girl looking up
This is one of my favourite portraits that I’ve taken so far

Portrait of girl on floor

Photoshoot with Lauren

I’d just received a free sample pack from Lee Filters (simply email them and ask for one) – there are 300 different coloured filters, and they’re perfectly-sized to fit over a flash. I tried a few lighting set-ups, either adding a bit of green/blue light as a secondary light, or using blue to light just the background, leaving the model in silhouette. Some almost NSFW photos from the shoot are in the next post…


Moody girl

Girl posing on exercise ball

Girl in black vest

Fun girl posing with guitar

Silhouette of girl with guitar