London Red Bull Air Race

A friend hosted a party the night before the Red Bull Air Race, and his apartment in London’s Docklands had a fantastic view over the race course the next morning. You wouldn’t have seen images of aeroplanes flying low and fast over central London a few years ago…

Rock'n'Roll – Sunset Silhouettes

A few hours after the orchard photoshoot with Sarah, and after a Rock’n’Roll practice, I invited a couple from the team back to mine for dinner. As we were walking up Castle Hill, I realised that the sun was about to set, we were right next to Castle Mound, and the couple were capable of doing some great acro. About a year ago, I started planning a set of photos of Cambridge Rock’n’Rollers striking acro poses in various parts of Cambridge, and one of the ideas was to get acro silhouettes on Castle Mound, especially a move called “Dirty Dancing”. The photos came out even better than I had envisaged last year, so now more team members are keen for their own photoshoots ;)

If you’d like to learn how to do some of these moves, come along to some of the excellent Rock’n’Roll classes – check out the team website:

Rock'n'Roll Silhouettes at Sunset
Dirty Dancing

Rock'n'Roll Silhouettes at Sunset
Double Straddle

Rock'n'Roll Silhouettes at Sunset

Rock'n'Roll Silhouettes at Sunset

Rock'n'Roll Silhouettes at Sunset
Hip Flick

Rock'n'Roll Silhouettes at Sunset
Shoulder Sit

More photos from this photoshoot on CantabPhotos

Acrobatic Rock'n'Roll

While these photos weren’t taken by me, they do feature me; they were taken by another great Cambridge photographer, Reggie Thomson. He normally photographs beautiful landscapes, flowers, and Cambridge colleges, and for the first time tried his hand at dance photography, with great success.
I dance in the Cambridge University Rock’n’Roll Team, which performs acrobatic dance routines at balls, events, and charity galas, with individual team couples taking part in various competitions throughout the academic year. I’ve been dancing with Emily for the past year and a half, and we did quite well in our first first year of competing together. The team travelled to Bristol and back in one day for the the SUDA competition (Southern Universities Dance Association). Dancing for a total of 3 minutes, it’s just as well Cambridge took the first 6 places, and Emily and I were very pleased to come away with the top spot.

Acrobatic Rock'n'Roll

Acrobatic Rock'n'Roll

Acrobatic Rock'n'Roll

Cuppers Athletics

On this beautifully sunny Saturday, athletes of all abilities and disciplines competed in the intercollegiate Cuppers Athletics competition. Last year, Jesus College won quite overwhelmingly by fielding the majority of competitors. This year, determined to keep their trophies, they repeated this tactic – not only did they have entrants in every event, but they won most of them too, resulting in a score of 200+ points, to the 2nd place college’s 48.

The following photos include GB Heptathlete Phyllis Agbo competing in the Javelin and High Jump (she also came 3rd in the men’s 200m hurdles!), and three time-lapse photos of men’s high jump winner Andy Bennett, men’s long jump, and my favourite, Bilen Ahmet competing in the men’s pole vault. The finished picture comprises 11 photos, and took 2 hours to put together.

More photos on CantabPhotos: Cambridge Cuppers Athletics 2007

Phyllis Agbo - High Jump

Phyllis Agbo - Javelin

Andy Bennett - High Jump

Long Jump

Bilen Ahmet - Pole Vault

Boat Race – Cambridge 79, Oxford 73

For the 2nd time in my Cambridge history, I headed down to the Thames with friends to watch the boat race. The last time was in 1998, when Cambridge thrashed Oxford and set a course record. This time, Cambridge were favourites again after a recent run of losses, and started the race behind. The calm coxing of Rebecca Dowbiggin and consistent pressure from the Cambridge eight brought them into the lead soon into the race, and they came through victorious.

These photos were taken from Chiswick Bridge, just after the finish line.

The moment of victory

Celebrating victory