5am on a Misty Morning

I left a party at 5am, to find that it was VERY misty and cold outside. Unlike any sane person who would have headed straight to bed, I was feeling inspired about my photography thanks to a new friend, so I went down to the King’s backs to try to get some atmospheric photos. These were taken with my new Canon 50D – the better ones had the camera resting on a bean-bag, but some were hand-held at 6400 or 12800 ISO (very handy, if rather noisy).
I lasted about 20 minutes until I could no longer feel my fingers, and, content with my haul, crawled into bed at 5:30am.

Kings Gate at Night
King’s Back Gate

The Backs at Night, in the Mist
The Backs at night, in the mist

Footlights Pantomime – Backstage

I was asked to get some photographs of the annual Footlights pantomime at the ADC Theatre, for the University’s 800 Campaign. This year’s pantomime was “Theseus and the Minotaur” – I covered two rehearsals, getting some backstage photos as well as shots of the pantomime itself.

Technical Directors
Technical Directors

Stage Manager
Stage Manager

Costume & Make-Up in the dressing room
Costume & Make-Up in the dressing room

Waiting backstage

Taking a breather
Taking a breather

More photos of the pantomime are available on CantabPhotos.com

Publicity for ADC Dance Show, "Beauty"

Having photographed the last few years’ CUCDW dance shows in Cambridge, I was asked again this year to create the publicity for the forthcoming show. The show’s producer, herself a dancer, had ideas for the dance imagery to be used in the poster. We worked together to get enough photos of herself in a graceful poise, as well as photos of a flowing scarf, which together would be combined in the final poster.

The poster/flyer design turned out to be one of the most intricate that I’ve ever done, with fine details in the main title typography, smoke effects, floral flourishes, and background textures.

Photos of dancer with scarf
Two of the source photos which would be combined in Photoshop

Beauty Flyer - Front
The final poster design

Beauty Flyer - Back
The back of the flyer

Earth's Treasury

The Natural History Museum houses a collection of beautiful minerals, gems and rocks. The sheer variety of colours and patterns made this a perfect subject for another of my Colour & Form montages.

Earth's Treasury

Earth's Treasury - Spectrum

Simply Sublime – Science Museum

After visiting the Natural History Museum, a few of us headed over to the neighbouring Science Museum to checkout the recently-updated LaunchPad exhibit. One of the displays demonstrated the phenomenon of sublimation (see the Wikipedia article on sublimation for a more detailed background). The simple set-up allowed small pellets of solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) to come into contact with water, whereby the carbon dioxied will sublime directly from solid to gaseous form, without becoming a liquid. The jets of gas spewing from the pellets caused them to skid around the surface of the water, creating mesmerising patterns.


20081108-IMG 4844 p-2

20081108-IMG 4845 p-2

20081108-IMG 4849 p-2

20081108-IMG 4853 p-3

20081108-IMG 4855 p-2

20081108-IMG 4856 p

The Natural History Museum

I visited the Natural History Museum in London today, for a friend’s birthday outing, and took a few interesting photos of the exhibits and the building itself.

Natural History Museum Lobby
The famous Diplodocus in the lobby

Diplodocus Fossil
Close-up of the Diplodocus’ head


Dinosaur Fossil

Water patterns in sand
Water patterns in sand

Oviraptor embryo in egg
Oviraptor embryo in egg

Ceiling of Natural History Museum's main hall
Ceiling of the main hall