Derelict Fashion

The photographer who introduced me to off-camera studio lighting, Alex Beckett, organised a group shoot at a derelict RAF base. There were about 40 people involved in total, including amateur and experienced photographers, make-up artists, and models/musicians/dancers. As I’d had a shoot cancelled that weekend, I decided to take part, and brought along a handful of dancer friends, who happen to also be excellent models. I’ve done a couple of shoots with Jenny already, but this was Emily’s first shoot, and she definitely exceeded the potential that I saw in her.

Emily Montage

Jenny Montage

20100425-IMG 9238-Edit p-2

20100425-IMG 9428-Edit p

20100425-IMG 9514-Edit p-2

20100425-IMG 9590-Edit p-2

20100425-IMG 9689-Edit p-4

20100425-IMG 9761-Edit-Edit p

20100425-IMG 9826-Edit p

20100425-IMG 9843-Edit p-2

More photos from this shoot can be viewed at

Drowned World

A friend wanted to get some photos of her floating in the water, apparently dead or drowned. Morbid, but interesting and unusual enough to try out.



20100424-IMG 7920 p-2

20100424-IMG 8012 p-2

Amy & Steven's Wedding

Amy & Steven met during Rock’n’Roll dance classes at Cambridge University, and were the club’s most successful couple in years of competitions.

20100403-IMG 7286 p600-2
The groom and best man take a walk before the ceremony

20100403-IMG 7322 p600-2
Patient Page Boy

20100403-IMG 7385 p600-2
The bride is greeted by her bridesmaids

20100403-IMG 7464 p600-2
Newlywed kiss

20100403-IMG 7612 p600-2

20100403-IMG 7995 p600-4
Dirty Dancing

20100403-IMG 8027 p600-2

20100403-IMG 8046 p600

20100403-IMG 8079 p600

20100403-IMG 8147 p600-3