Dance Show Montage

Over the course of the dress rehearsal and one of the mid-week performances, I’d taken a few thousand photographs of the CUCDW Dance Show. As I knew several dancers in the show and wanted to show my appreciation, I put together a montage of all the pieces, and gave them prints at the aftershow party. Fortunately the 24 pieces fit perfectly into the design that I use for my “Colour & Form” collection, but it was still a rush to choose the best photos and put it all together before the print-shop closed on Sunday afternoon…

Such Stuff As Dreams

Such Stuff As Dreams

A dancer friend’s birthday was soon after the dance show, and she’d indicated that she was rather fond of some of the photos I took of one of the pieces. I put together these two montages as a gift.

Such Stuff As Dreams

Such Stuff As Dreams

CUCDW Dance Show Publicity

Having photographed the annual CUCDW Dance Show at the ADC for the last few years, this year’s show director asked if I’d take photos for the show’s publicity. An accomplished dancer herself, we had a photoshoot in St. John’s College to get various poses and action shots in late November. Over the holidays, I offered to work on the publicity design as well, and in mid-January, these posters and flyers went up all over Cambridge.

Perspectives - ADC CUCDW Dance Show Poster

Perspectives - ADC CUCDW Dance Show Flyer Front
Flyer Front

Perspectives - ADC CUCDW Dance Show Flyer Back
Flyer Back

Cadenza Photoshoot

I was asked by a friend who sings in Cadenza, Cambridge’s premier a cappella sensation, to take their publicity photographs for this year. They had a weekend-long rehearsal session in Newnham College, and after a bit of exploring with one of the group’s Newnhamites, found a few suitable locations for their group photos. I was privileged to hear several of their songs while they were waiting for a few extra members to turn up. Not only are their performances wonderful, they’re also all lovely people.

Cadenza singers, sepia pose

Cadenza singers

Essex Marshes on New Year's Day

I went to spend New Year’s Eve with a group of friends, one of whom lived in Maldon, Essex. The morning (afternoon) after, as we weren’t far from the coast, some of us decided to visit the Essex Marshes. While it was quite overcast and grey, it still made a pleasant location for a walk along the coast, even with the low tide exposing the vast mud flats and beached boats.

Not going to be defending much during low tide

Grasses growing on wrecked boats
The decaying hulls of discarded boats provide the shelter and nutrients for grasses to grow (and for dogs to explore)

A boat-shaped patch of grass and a mast are all that remain of a small fishing boat left to the elements

Red boat with perfect reflection

Boat named Great Escape