BA Graduation

More graduation photos, some are potentials for the New Hall prospectus, others were requested by people for their parents to have printed.

Three of my muses, Emily, Rebecca & Hayley, graduating together

BA Graduation Dinner Celebrations

Friends celebrating after their BA graduation dinner.

Of interest photographically because I handheld the flashgun off-camera, which allowed for great variation in lighting.

Model Graduand

Natalie wears this season’s hottest new look, the BA graduation gown and hood, in front of King’s Chapel. Expect to see lots more people following this trendy fashion in the next few days.

Commissioned Photos for New Hall College

I’ve been commissioned by New Hall College to take photographs of college life for their new prospectus, and these are some of the photos that they selected. In their selection were also photos from the New Hall Garden Party. The college has just received a large donation, and is changing its name to Murray Edwards College.

Cambridge University Annual Fashion Show

Having been commissioned to take photographs of the CU Fashion Show Launch Party for lead-sponsor Grand Arcade’s PR, I also covered the fashion show itself, held at the Corn Exchange. There were various ranges of design themes, interlude performances of hip-hop and breakdancing, and a competition for pupils to design a dress made only of orange Sainsbury’s carrier bags. The finale was the revealing of a Grand Arcade dress, made of recycled Grand Arcade publicity.

More CU Fashion Show photos on

Impressions – Contemporary Dance Show

The May Week Dance show, by Cambridge Contemporary Dance, performed under the Wren Library in Trinity College.

This show took place towards the end of May Week, and I was pretty tired from lots of all-nighters. Unusually for me, I turned up to the performance a few minutes before it started and just took photos on auto-pilot; so I was very pleasant surprised to see how well they came out. Again, LightRoom really helped turn good photos into great photos.

More photos from the Impressions Dance Show on