Vancouver Ballerina Shoot with Amanda

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Before my trip to Vancouver, I looked up some models for potential photoshoots while I was out there. Given I was already planning to do a shoot with my friend Cassandra, I thought why not take arrange another shoot or two and take advantage of some stunning scenery and new models.

Due to uncertain weather and my plans during the week, none of 4 potential shoots I’d lined up materialised. However, Amanda replied to my initial message while I was out there, and was communicative enough to arrange a shoot just after my shoot with Cassandra. Her portfolio mentioned that she had awards for her ballet, but there were no images taken by other photographers to show just how good she was.

When we finally met (at Second Beach in Stanley Park) for the shoot, the sun was about to set, so we just had enough time to quickly look through the clothes she’d brought along, and walk along the Sea Wall towards Third Beach, where I’d figured we’d have a clear view of the sunset over the water. The golden light was mostly obscured by clouds, but we had a few minutes just as we started shooting with great light, and Amanda had no problems climbing onto a boulder and striking some stunning poses straight away. The resulting stunning photos are testament to how quickly, beautifully, and perfectly Amanda was able to pose.

The light faded pretty quickly, and we carried on shooting beyond my eyes’ vision, until even the camera was struggling. However, we did get a couple of striking shots, including this one with great lighting from West Vancouver shining across the water.

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Vancouver Photoshoot with Cassandra

Ever since seeing a poster of Vancouver on a friend’s wall, I’ve always wanted to visit the city. I also have several friends who live there, one of whom I met in London earlier this year. Cassandra vlogs on YouTube every day (aka NerdzRL), and has an incredible optimism and joie de vivre, as well as a love of superheroes.

This first photo is one of my very favourites of all time, not only because it looks like a movie poster (and straight out of camera, no less), but also because it makes Cassandra look: 1) tall (she’s not), and 2) like one of the superheroes she so admires.

The first time I saw Cassandra, I wanted to do a photoshoot with her, and these results just prove why I found her photogenic in the first place.

These two headshots were taken during our lunch break at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Gas Town. The white table and our seating choices round the table made for perfect lighting!

And to finish the shoot, a clothing-catalogue style shot on the waterfront.

Flight to Vancouver

How many of London’s landmarks can you spot in this photo?
The London Eye, Westminister & Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, Oxford Street, King’s Cross & St. Pancras International…

Ice in Hudson Bay, Canada

One of many many many rivers in rural Canada