Photoshoot with Amie & Faye

Amie and Faye are two models I’ve photographed before, and happen to be best friends too. And they both happen to be excellent photographers as well. So it was only natural to do a shoot with them together.

I headed up to Faye’s “Castle Zombie” in Sheffield for the day, and many fun and amazing photos were taken.

The red dress gets another outing with Amie. I’d already shot Faye in it when we first shot.

At the end of the shoot, I got this candid shot of Faye checking her phone.

More photos from this shoot at

Murray Edwards Garden Party

I’ve been commissioned by New Hall to take publicity photographs for their prospectus several times in the past, including last year’s garden party. They have since acquired a benefactor, and are in the process of renaming themselves to Murray Edwards College.

This year’s Garden Party theme was based on Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, with several guests going to great lengths to wear appropriate costumes. Here are some of the photographs the college selected for their forthcoming prospectus.

20100613-IMG 3257 p

20100613-IMG 3268 p

20100613-IMG 3277 p

20100613-IMG 3292 p

20100613-IMG 3325 p

20100613-IMG 3347 p

20100613-IMG 3379 p

20100613-IMG 3425 p


A one-day client sales trip to Toronto afforded me a few hours to see the city.

Flock of geese in Eaton Centre shopping mall
Art installation, Flock of Geese in the Eaton Centre shopping mall

Downtown Toronto
Downtown Toronto, as viewed from the CN Tower

Ingo Maurer art installation
Art installation in Toronto Airport, Ingo Maurer’s “Earthbound… Unbound”

20100112-IMG 7740 p600-2

Alex's Wedding Preparations

I was invited to photograph Alex and André’s wedding in Devon, and they and the whole family were most welcoming and helpful. The room used for the bride’s preparations was bright and cleanly-decorated, the ideal location for natural photos.

Wedding preparations, hairdresser

Wedding preparations, hairdresser

Wedding preparations, hairdresser
As Tyra Banks would say on ANTM, “Fierce!”

Wedding preparations

Wedding preparations, hairdresser

Wedding dress hanging in window
The bride’s dress hanging in the window

Wedding preparations, bride, hairdresser, bridesmaids
The bride’s hair and make-up, with her bridesmaids

Footlights Pantomime – Backstage

I was asked to get some photographs of the annual Footlights pantomime at the ADC Theatre, for the University’s 800 Campaign. This year’s pantomime was “Theseus and the Minotaur” – I covered two rehearsals, getting some backstage photos as well as shots of the pantomime itself.

Technical Directors
Technical Directors

Stage Manager
Stage Manager

Costume & Make-Up in the dressing room
Costume & Make-Up in the dressing room

Waiting backstage

Taking a breather
Taking a breather

More photos of the pantomime are available on

BA Graduation

More graduation photos, some are potentials for the New Hall prospectus, others were requested by people for their parents to have printed.

Three of my muses, Emily, Rebecca & Hayley, graduating together