Rebecca's Chosen Headshot

Here’s the photo that Rebecca has chosen as her acting headshot. It was one of the colour photos that I shortlisted yesterday, with a little post-processing.

Acting Headshot for Rebecca

Another follow-up photoshoot; after my first great photoshoot with Rebecca, she asked me to take some more photos, this time for her new actress headshot. I’m still waiting to hear which photo she’ll choose as her headshot, but the selection below are some of my favourites from the shoot.

Acting Headshots @ Arts Ed (Part 2)

My headshot session last week at Arts Ed drama school in London proved popular, so I had another 5 students lined up for photoshoot sessions, thanks again to Hayley. Here are three of the best headshots from the afternoon.

BA Graduation

More graduation photos, some are potentials for the New Hall prospectus, others were requested by people for their parents to have printed. Three of my muses, Emily, Rebecca & Hayley, graduating together