Photoshoot with Sarah (Studio)

Sarah is a fantastic ballet and contemporary dancer, and I’d already done a few modelling photoshoots with her. She wanted some acting headshots to take to casting agents. Once the photoshoot was in full flow, we did several lush shots with a fan, various glamorous clothes, and dramatic lighting.

Portrait of Sarah

Sarah, a dancer friend, came round one evening, and during the conversation mentioned that she was thinking of dying her hair slightly redder. I took a quick portrait photo, and after some brief photoshopping, showed her how it could look. More photos of Sarah, performing in the CU Ballet Show

Fun with Friends

I enjoyed the recent sunshine at a friend’s house, with a few other friends. Needless to say, some of them were actors, so wanted to try to get a few headshots in case any were usable for Spotlight. And of course one of my favourite muses, Sarah, was there, and I’m always happy to photograph …

Scooterworks Café

I went to Scooterworks Café in Waterloo with some friends – it’s a fantastic combination of a scooter workshop and coffee shop. Lots of character, great decor, and really good coffee – from an authentic 1957 Italian coffee machine. Sarah, being a great model, as usual Coffee ripples and brownie Sarah, coffee ripples, and the …