Panoramic Photos from Italy

I travelled around Italy in September 2006, and took lots more photos, including a few sets of photos which stitch together to form panoramic views. I took two 360 degree panoramic views, in Venice and Sienna, which are shown in Java Applets below. You can drag the view around with your mouse, or use your keyboard’s arrow keys. Pressing – or + lets you zoom out or in, although the images are displayed at 1:1 resolution already.

Venice: Panoramic view from the Campanile di San Marco, about 100m above St. Mark’s Square. Visible in the panorama are St. Mark’s Square (with its multitudinous pigeons), the Doge’s Palace, and St. Mark’s Basilica.

Venice Panorama
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Siena: Panoramic view from the Campanile, about 100m above the Piazza del Campo
Siena Panorama
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Milan’s Vittorio Emanuele Arcade

Milan Panorama
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Verona at night

Panoramic Photo of Verona at night


Panoramic Photo from Positano beach