2 Dance Shows


Following on from the success of “Elemental“, CUCDW’s annual dance show at the ADC Theatre, much of the same team of producers, choreographers and dancers put on another show, Variations. While the lighting and venue couldn’t quite match Eddy Langley‘s lighting and the ADC stage, there were still a few great pieces of dance to enjoy. As usual, Sinead Boughey, Jennifer Hersch and Vaughan Watts shone.

Jennifer Hersch

Sinead Boughey

Sinead Boughey

More photos of Variations can be found on CantabPhotos.com

In the Spotlight

The second dance show, being performed on the same days (a shame to have two dance shows taking place at the same time), was by the CU Tap and Jazz society (CUTAZZ), and took place in the Mumford Theatre. It was the first time I’d been there, and the auditorium and stage were quite impressive. An array of colourful costumes appeared for many jazz and tap pieces, with both seasoned experts and nervous amateurs taking part. One dancer in particular stood out, Natalie Demain, brimming with enthusiasm, enjoyment, confidence, and buckets of talent and ability. It was only at the end of the show that it was announced that she helps teach the classes!

Natalie Demain

Natalie Demain

Emily Green

More photos of In the Spotlight can be found on CantabPhotos.com

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