Mar 5, 2007

Costa Rica – Day 3

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Today’s activity was canyoning, which is abseiling/rappeling down waterfalls in a canyon. While the 2 guides had a dry bag, I chose not to take my camera, but my brother’s camera has several shots of us abseiling, and a few photos of the stunning scenery. Imagine being in the thick of the rainforest, with steep walls either side, a flowing stream at your feet, and waterfalls every now and then, which we got to rappel down :) My very favourite was the 60m fall we dropped down, getting soaked halfway down, and abseiling the bottom half. Not quite adrenaline-fuelled, but the experience and view both up and down were amazing.

Getting to the canyon, walking through the stream and abseiling, then walking back up, driving to lunch (spoke to a guy with his cute little girl, called Emily, thankfully my Spanish kicked in :), and back to the hotel took pretty much the whole day. There was some more lava visible coming down the volcano, and some stunning stars, but clouds came and spoiled both views while I was wandering around the hotel grounds trying to get a photo. (The volcano has just rumbled, it still has indigestion even when cloudy ;) Instead, I spotted dozens of fireflies in the trees, flashing away, and heard frogs croaking near the pool. I found two of them in a small pond, and spent a long while getting some nice photos of them :)



Frog Croaking