ADC Dance Poster

Having photographed the CUCDW dance show at the ADC for the last 4 years, and to promote the photographs I’d recently taken of this year’s show, I put together a design showing my photos from the last four years, including the montage that I put together of this year’s show. I’m fortunate to know the ADC’s marketing manager (one of my muses), so was able to put up an A1 poster in the corridor leading to the auditorium. I currently have three exhibits up in the ADC – a range of selected framed photos from my portfolio up in the bar, headshots of current student actors, and now this dance poster. A1 prints can be rather pricey, but I found out about a fantastic printing company, MyShoot, who provide a personal and very well-priced service. Click on the image below to get a closer look.

ADC Poster for CUCDW Dance Shows

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