Photoshoot with Maja

I’d wanted to shoot with Maja for a while, and after she posted a casting call for a specific photoshoot idea, we got talking. After about 50 messages back and forth (sharing creative ideas, not negotiating!), we finally got to shoot on some ideas we both loved, and the results were worth the wait. Maja may have an Eastern-European pseudonym, and matching bone structure, but she’s very English, which took me some time to adjust to having built up a Slavic image of her before the shoot! Not only does she have great pale skin, a toned figure, strong bone structure, and (currently) red hair, but she’s also a great make-up artist. Sadly, she got delayed arriving at the shoot, so we had an hour less to work with. We’d planned to end the shoot with some crazy/fashion make-up, but what we got was definitely nothing to be ashamed of.