Photoshoot with Raphaella

Raphaella is one of Britain’s top web models, and with her dance background, it was only natural that she’d be ideal for me to photograph. She also happens to be very good friends with Monika, (another model I’ve photographed and who is now studying children’s illustration at the Cambridge School of Art), so took the opportunity to travel down to Cambridge to see her and shoot with me.

Sadly, the warm weather of the Indian Summer had ended, so we weren’t able to shoot dance outside, but we still got some stunning photos in my home studio. I normally only post-process in Lightroom, but this time I put even more time in and post-post-processed in Photoshop. The results are definitely another step ahead of my usual results, especially for photos taken in my home studio, but are also due to Raphaella’s beauty and experience. I look forward to a dance shoot with her, the style that we both excel at.

I think this must be about the 13th model I’ve photographed in this red dress, and it never fails to produce amazing results.

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