Cambridge Ballerina Project – Kizzie

Kizzie is the new president of the Cambridge University Ballet Club, and while that doesn’t automatically lead to a Cambridge Ballerina Project shoot (Lara, Hanna and Helen have all been on the committee), Kizzie did shine in this year’s show. She’s a student at Robinson College, one which I had not yet photographed for the Project, and it is almost entirely made up of red bricks, making for some very strong photos.

This first photo was taken on my iPhone and processed with Snapseed and Instagram, as the photo of the day for my #366project. It managed to bring out dramatic detail in the sky, as well as being much quicker and easier to create than my usual DSLR – Lightroom workflow. Most of the rest of the photos below were post-post-processed with Instagram, as I’m a big fan of the square format as well as the colour-processing.

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