Headshot for Saba

Saba, a dancer with Cambridge Contemporary Dance company, asked for a headshot session to help her promote her consultancy business. As both of us are Johnians, it wasn’t difficult thinking of a location for the shoot.
I’m really appreciating having reflectors for photoshoots, as they’re great for bouncing direct sunlight, and also creating soft fill light from the whole sky.

Saba, posing in front of Bridge of Sighs

Saba, business portrait

Photoshoot with Sarah (Studio 2)

One of my favourite muses, Sarah, had asked me to do a photoshoot for her sister. Those are coming soon, but in the mean time, now online – here are some of my favourites of Sarah from the shoot.

This first photo is an updated headshot to add to Sarah’s portfolio, as she’s doing more theatre and film these days.

Headshot for Sarah





At the end of the shoot, Lucy took the camera to get a few photos of the photographer with his muse :)

Claude and Sarah

Corporate Headshots

One of my larger clients, Adder technology, employed my photographic services, in addition to my web design services, to take corporate headshots of the management team. Each CxO posed for a formal portrait, and a relaxed photo sitting at a table.

Corporate Headshot

Relaxed Corporate Headshot