Photoshoot with Vesna & Paul

Paul and Vesna are without a doubt Cambridge University’s most successful ballroom & latin dancers. Having seen the results of my recent photoshoot with Samantha, one of their Dancesport friends, Paul commissioned a photoshoot for Vesna. The gardens, backs, and bridges of St. John’s are still my favourite location for photoshoots, and both Paul and Vesna were very photogenic. Expect another photoshoot with them soon…

20091004-cambridge portrait photoshoot1

20091004-cambridge portrait photoshoot2

20091004-cambridge portrait photoshoot3

20091004-cambridge portrait photoshoot4

20091004-cambridge couple photoshoot5

20091004-cambridge portrait photoshoot6

20091004-cambridge couple photoshoot7

20091004-cambridge couple photoshoot8

20091004-cambridge couple photoshoot9

20091004-cambridge portrait photoshoot10

Cloud Forest Silhouette

I recently had a photoshoot with a dancer, and got some great photos of her in silhouette. Once I had processed the silhouette in black and white, I was then inspired by two of Magritte’s paintings, and here’s what I came up with.

Cloud Forest Silhouette

The inspirational Magritte paintings:
The Blank Check (left) and The Large Family (right)

Magritte Inspiration - The Blank Check, The Large Family

Light Matter – Final Composite Image

At the end of the second CCD photoshoot, I took turns with each dancer to get shots of them leaping in different poses and places, with the idea of putting together a specific image that I had in mind. I was hoping to play on two meanings of the word “Light”, in the dance show’s title.

Firstly, the dancers are depicted as light things, as they float in mid-air.

Secondly, I thought of a prism splitting white light into its constituent spectrum colours.

Light Matter, Prism, Spectrum, Floating Dancers

Light Matter, Prism, Spectrum, Floating Dancers

As always, I’m indebted to my dancer muses for providing me with the opportunity (and their talents) to create more works of art that I can be proud of.

Light Matter Publicity

From the two photoshoots with the Cambridge Contemporary Dance company dancers, this image was chosen for their poster and flyer, promoting their December show to celebrate Cambridge University’s 800th anniversary. The alcoves are on the west side of the Senate House, and made for ideal frames for the dancers.

Dancers in stone alcoves

Senate House Dance Photoshoot #2

A few days after the first Cambridge Contemporary Dance photoshoot, a second shoot had been scheduled at the Senate House. We’d learned from the earlier shoot that “light”, leaping photos looked good, and the main door of the Senate House made for a striking and identifiable background.

I took several more leaping shots on the grass, with the idea of compositing them into something specific…more about that in the next post.

Leaping Dancer

Leaping Dancer

Leaping Dancer

Leaping Dancer, falling from sky
Falling from the sky

Dancer in white, in front of building

Senate House Dance Photoshoot #1

The Cambridge Contemporary Dance company are putting on a show in December as part of Cambridge University’s 800th anniversary celebration year. The show has the rare privilege of taking place in the Senate House, the university’s main ceremonial building. The show is called “Light Matter”, so a couple of the ideas played with the weightless connotation of the word. I’ve photographed many of CCD’s dance shows in Cambridge, and have produced publicity photos for them in the past.

Senate House Dance Statues
This one is my absolute favourite

Dance Goddesses
Greek goddesses

Dancer leap outside Senate House

Dancers outside Senate House

Dancers on steps outside Senate House

Dancers floating outside Senate House

The last image was a composite of 4 stacked photos, as it’s too hard to get all dancers to strike their mid-air pose at exactly the same time. It also allowed them to wear the same costume (of which there was only one), giving them a uniform appearance.