Photoshoot with Erica (Studio)

After the athlete photos on the running track, we took some studio photos in my new home-studio. My set-up includes two flashguns with white shoot-through umbrellas, white/black background cloths, and Adobe LightRoom post-processing. View more studio photos of Erica at

Photoshoot with Erica (Sportrait #2)

I’d already done an athlete portrait photoshoot with Erica, but we weren’t able to shoot on the athletics grounds at the time, so we arranged another shoot. She’s a champion high-jumper, but unfortunately the equipment wasn’t available, so we settled with the red-coloured track instead. View more athlete photos of Erica on

Photoshoot – Erica's Sportrait

I’d wanted to take a sport portrait of Erica since I photographed her winning Cuppers High Jump last year. This is my first photoshoot with off-camera flash, and I’m pretty pleased with the results – having a great model meant the photos would be good regardless! See the rest of the photoshoot on CantabPhotos

Photoshoot with Erica & Adam

With two recent photoshoots already receiving myriad positive comments (notably “who’s that girl?!”, of Rebecca’s photoshoot), I was approached by someone I’d photographed at Cuppers Athletics, asking if I could take some photos of her and her boyfriend. As if serendipity hadn’t already showed up enough in my life, here it came again – while …

Painting Samantha's Photo

This is the second photo that I’ve “painted” with additional colours and graphics. The first one was from a photoshoot with Erica last July. Yesterday’s photoshoot with Samantha produced this wonderful photo with her standing against a tree, lit up against the dark background. There are great examples of designers creating such images for their …