Photoshoot with Ellie

I was so impressed with Ellie’s ballerina photoshoot last week, that I arranged an outdoor model photoshoot with her the following week. Many people ask her if she’s Lily Cole, and she also reminds me of several other celebrities (Debra Messing, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried).

Ellie suffered over 30 midge bites during the shoot (which I apologised for!), but so many of the photos came out beautifully, that I can’t wait to shoot with her again (indoors, where there are no biting insects!).

20100625-18-51-43-IMG 7132-Edit p

20100625-19-06-45-IMG 7226-Edit p

20100625-19-11-47-IMG 7272-Edit p
I’d shot in the same location with Sharon a month ago, and was surprised at how much these grasses had grown

20100625-19-18-48-IMG 7319-Edit p

20100625-19-25-17-IMG 8634-Edit p

20100625-19-35-53-IMG 7415 p

20100625-19-48-56-IMG 8683-Edit p

20100625-19-53-21-IMG 8691-Edit p-2

20100625-20-35-22-IMG 7672-Edit p

20100625-20-48-59-IMG 7716-Edit p

20100625-20-56-53-IMG 7765-Edit p

20100625-20-59-51-IMG 7810-Edit p

20100625-21-02-00-IMG 7860-Edit p

20100625-21-11-09-IMG 7929-Edit p

20100625-21-20-12-IMG 7994-Edit p

20100625-21-25-44-IMG 8047-Edit p

20100625-21-28-38-IMG 8060-Edit p

20100625-21-29-08-IMG 8071-Edit p

While Ellie was up the tree (lucky her!), some grazing cows ambled past, and one took a bit too much of an interest in me, giving me a light head-butt. I was probably standing on the tastiest bit of grass in the whole field…

20100625-21-13-18-IMG 8755 p

More photos from the shoot can be viewed at

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